Double Vertical Ring Die Ce Certificate Sawdust Pellet Machine

Double Vertical Ring Die Ce Certificate Sawdust Pellet Machine

Vertical Ring Die Biomass Wooden Sawdust Pellet Producing CZPTry

This vertical ring die biomass wooden pellet device is extensively utilized in the biomass-vitality fuels plant, energy plant, wood processing plant, fertilizer plant, chemical plant and so forth. It is the ideal urgent shaping pelletizing gear with lower investment and higher profit. 

SPECIFICATION of ring die wood pelletizer:

Model Interior Dia of 
Ring die
Electrical power
450 MX 450mm 55 kw .eight-one.0T one.four*.75*one.fifty five 2800
550 MX 550mm 90 kw 1.five-2T 1.9*.ninety five*1.eight 4500
800 MX 800mm 132 kw 2-3T two.5*one.35* 7000
a thousand MX 1000mm 160 kw three-4T two.65*1.forty five*two.1 8500



one)  Gearbox:
Driving with higher-precision gears, CZPT CZPT pump technique keep the gearbox operating balance and guarantee period

2)  Vertical motor:
The most attribute is mounting hole with output shaft as the center, Equidistant distribution about, More effective and stability of device operating

3)  Blower technique:
Positioned in a single aspect of operate bin, Free handle the doing work time, The principal purpose is dedusting and discharge steam

4)  Working elements:
Ring-die and rollers supplies are alloy metal, Heat treatment method created by ourselves, Hardness more than 52,In this hardness can guarantee the pelleting high quality and warranty time, Working way is from inside of to outdoors push, Centrifugal drive and extrusion force collectively, Produced far more ability, At the exact same time guarantee hardness and density, The particular layout is 4 rollers doing work, Improve press price then boost capacity, Ring-die is “vertical double-deck” composition, It can use one mould with identical hole dimensions for operating lifestyle enhanced, Furthermore it can use one mould with diverse gap measurement for saving the money for yet another dimensions mould.

Uncooked Material:

Commonly employed in pelletizing wooden, sawdust, crop straw (rice straw, wheat straw, corn stalks, sorghum stalk, soybean stalk, cotton stalk, grape straw, peanut seedlings, and sunflower stalk), rice husk, grass, shrubs, branches, wooden lower-off head, bamboo particles, bagasse, and so forth..

Wood PELLETS:                                                           

Wood pellets are the most widespread kind of pellet gasoline and are generally created from compacted sawdust[three] and relevant industrial wastes from the milling of lumber, manufacture of wood products and furniture, and development.[citation necessary] Other industrial waste resources include empty fruit bunches, palm kernel shells, coconut shells, and tree tops and branches discarded during logging operations


Wooden Pelletizing Creation Line:

1)  wood chipper
two)  wood crusher or hammer mill
three)  sawdust dryer
4)  wood pellet mill machine 
5)  pellet cooler & screener
6)  CZPT device


Double Vertical Ring Die Ce Certificate Sawdust Pellet Machine