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Product Description

TG-4 cultivator is designed with compact construction and light w8. It is appropriate for the discipline of orchard, greenhouse, backyard garden and other tiny fields. It functions the adhering to rewards:

one. Complex gearbox design.
two. 178FS vertical sort diesel motor as the energy of this model cultivator.
3. It has the differential, it is simple to steer the device.
four. Multi-purpose
5. Adjustable take care of bar.

In depth Specifications:

Model Device TG-four
Overall dimensions Duration mm 1490~1700
Width mm 680~820
Height mm 820~1140
Clutch variety   Belt pulley stress
Steering clutch variety   Computerized adjust, differential
Net bodyweight kg a hundred and fifty
Tilling width mm 470-1100
Tilling depth mm one hundred-two hundred
Speed   Forward 4 speeds, reverse 4 speeds
Main travel   V-belt
Tyre   four.00-7
Tyre inflation strain kPa one hundred-one hundred twenty (in the discipline) one hundred sixty-one hundred eighty (for transportation)
PTO pace r. p. m Low speed706, Large velocity 1350
Speed of rotovator   Clockwise 8 speeds, anticlockwise 4 speeds
Driving typeof rotovator   Centre travel
Max. rotary radiusof rotovator mm 220
Engine Product 178FS
Max. output kW four
Displacement cc 296
Engine sort   Air Cooled 4 Cycle Single Cylinder vertical sort diesel

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