China manufacturer Variable Speed Drive near me supplier

Motor   Power (kW) 0.37 KW – 300 KW
Motor   RPM 2880 RPM
Input   Phase Single Phase & Three Phase
Weight 1.6 kg
Width 105 mm
Height 142 mm, 188 mm With EMC Plate
Condition New
Speed   Drive Output Frequency 0.1 – 599 Hz
Application Mechanical Actuators, Textile
Depth 158 mm

-The control panel is simple and easy to understand.
-Quick heat dissipation and longer service life.
-Through the built-in PLC or control terminals to achieve multi-speed operation, operation panel, control
terminals can be switched through a variety of ways.
-LED display set frequency, output frequency, output voltage and output current and other parameters.
-Strong anti-interference ability, large low-frequency torque, high precision