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Solution Description

Planting manufacturing unit for various of vegetable in greenhouse
Plant factory is a higher-effectiveness agricultural program that realizes once-a-year steady manufacturing of
crops by means of higher-precision environmental control in the facility. It utilizes pcs to routinely
control environmental situations this sort of as temperature,humidity, mild, CO2 focus and nutrient
answer for plant growth. Labor-preserving creation that is not or hardly ever restricted by organic problems

Classification of closed plant factory amenities

one. Idle factories and basements

Reworking these idle land resources into shut plant factories for high-generate, higher-top quality, and high-performance
plant creation not only revitalizes idle sources, reduces fees, but also generates large benefit.

2. Abandoned containers

The synthetic gentle-enclosed plant factory rebuilt from squander containers has the qualities of very good sealing,
high basic safety, great landscape, integrity, excellent construction, straightforward temperature handle, convenient motion, extended
support lifestyle, and sturdy environmental adaptability. A solitary box can grow to be an independent plant manufacturing unit,
several can also sort a massive plant factory, and multiple stacks can form a large-increase plant manufacturing facility.

three. Foam board place

The artificial gentle plant manufacturing facility created with foam sandwich panels has the rewards of mild substance, minimal cost,
quick building period of time, excellent sealing, etc. It can also be arbitrarily massive, small, substantial and reduced, which is
convenient for the construction plHangZhou of inner amenities , widely favored by plant manufacturing facility builders.

four. CZPT membrane

Inflatable membrane is a totally enclosed structural room fashioned after infusing air with CZPT materials (film
merchandise made of substantial-strength carbon fibers and aerogels). The high-degree 3-dimensional plant cultivation
method constructed in these kinds of a structural space is known as an CZPT membrane enclosed plant factory.The components of
this CZPT house are large-toughness carbon fiber, aerogel membrane and air. The outdoors employs solar energy
as energy, the within is info intelligence and plant manufacturing facility program facilities, and the middle is air. This sort of
an CZPT house enclosed plant manufacturing unit has the advantages of low value, sturdy sealing, excellent integrity, and
convenient use.

Variety of the cultivation sort of shut plant factory

Plane Multilayer Stereo Cultivation In the container variety closed plant manufacturing facility, only 2 rows of cultivation racks can be developed. Because of to the constraints of height
and place, the cultivation sort can only be 3 to 4 layers. This is due to the fact the plane multi-layer three-dimensional cultivation
form can only use nutrient answer water. For the cultivation engineering, each and every ground needs a nutrient pool, cultivation board,
LED supplementary mild and vegetable crops and the room occupied by the cultivation rack. Normally, each and every flooring is 65-70 cm, so
that the space for the cultivation location that can be expanded is limited. As a end result, yields and benefits can only be enhanced
inside of a specified variety.
Polyhedron Stereo Cultivation The form of polyhedral a few-dimensional cultivation bed can be replaced by nutrient resolution hydroponics technology. Each group
of cultivation beds has only 1 nutrient pool. The utilization fee is greater, because of to the realization of h2o, fertilizer and
gas supplementation, the plant grows quicker, the price is reduce, the bodyweight is lighter, and the yield is increased a lot of instances. If
the polyhedral cultivation sort is adopted in the shut CZPT film plant To create vegetation, the three-dimensional space is
larger, and the generate and benefit will be maximized
Curtain Wall Stereo Cultivation Curtain wall 3-dimensional cultivation is to cultivate plants on the walls of closed plant factories or artificially made and created curtain walls,Cultivation beds are established up on the walls around the container, and vegetation are cultivated on the cultivation beds making use of the Chaoxi
culture technique. A nutrient pool is set below the cultivation beds, and LED supplementary lights are put in on the top of the
container. Much more ample, much more realistic format, more hassle-free procedure, greater cultivation area and larger yield. If more,
taller and broader plant curtain partitions are established up to cultivate plants in the closed CZPT movie plant factory, the generate and
efficiency will be larger.
Vertical a few-dimensional cultivation Hanging the plant cultivation bed on the best of the shut plant manufacturing unit, and then sowing, irrigating, fertilizing, and plant
safety on the hanging cultivation bed is not only a sort of agricultural manufacturing, but also an artwork of survival. In any
closed plant manufacturing unit, the realization of vertical three-dimensional cultivation for agricultural generation can not only expand
the spot, enhance yield, and improve effectiveness, but also decrease fees and enhance resource utilization, which is not only
environmentally friendly, but also facilitates sustainable creation not only It is simple to work and boosts the daily life
Cylindrical Stereo Cultivation Vegetation are planted on the surface area of the cylinder, the 3-dimensional cultivation region is more substantial, and the aeroponics technology
is used, the vegetation grow quicker. Nonetheless, in the closed container sort plant factory, since the environmental place is also
little, it is not suitable to use a cylindrical a few-dimensional cultivation gadget. Nevertheless, in other varieties of closed vegetation,
particularly in the shut plant factories with air-filled membranes and air-tight membranes, the rewards of cylindrical
3-dimensional cultivation will be brought into perform for a for a longer time interval of time

Main functions
The common characteristics of plant factories are: fastened services automatic and semi-automated control of temperature,
humidity, light-weight depth, light time and CO focus necessary for plant development and improvement by making use of
personal computers and different sensing units using vitamins and minerals Hydroponics engineering the quantity and top quality of
products are tremendously improved.

Fold and harvest quick

By means of the higher-precision handle of the surroundings in the factory, the growth of vegetation below is nearly not
limited by natural situations, and the expansion cycle is accelerated. Lettuce, cabbage, and many others. developed in the manufacturing facility
can be harvested in about twenty times, whilst in ordinary fields , it will just take 1 thirty day period to forty times. In addition to
quick harvesting, high space utilization is also an important function of plant factories. What we see in the factory
are the 3-layer cultivation racks, which are equal to 3 instances the open-air cultivated land of the very same
dimension in conditions of region. In addition, the planting density is large. For that reason, the output of the plant manufacturing unit can attain
dozens or even increased than that of conventional cultivation. Hundred instances, the cycle of seedlings is shorter,
generally about a 7 days.

Folding Setting Needs
The plant manufacturing facility uses vitality-conserving plant expansion lamps and LEDs as synthetic gentle resources, and adopts 13
interrelated manage subsystems this kind of as cooling-heating bidirectional temperature and humidity manage,
light-weight-carbon dioxide coupled photosynthesis and gas fertilizer control, and nutrient solution on the internet detection
and control. It can automatically monitor the temperature, humidity, mild, airflow, carbon dioxide focus,
nutrient remedy and other environmental factors of the plant factory in genuine time to achieve clever


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