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Product Description

30HP 4wd Farm Tractor, Small Tractor for Sale


Tiny backyard CZPT with little dimension, compact composition, potent motor, versatile manipulation, versatile are made for eco-friendly residence, orchards, vegetable backyard garden paticularly for different varieties of small fields, can be matched with all kinds of implements like plow, fertilizer, rotavator trailer and so forth.

Principal units:

*3cylinder engine
*Hydraulic steering
*Single phase clutch
*PTO: 720rpm
*Partial divided hydraulic hitch
*Clipper-built hood
*Gearbox: F8+R2
*Exterior air filter
*Servicing-free of charge battery
*6 tooth spline

Alterable units:

*Air problem Cabin
*Heat Cabin
*Roll bar
*Multi-way valve
*Double speed PTO
*Double phase clutch


one.8+2 sliding gear modify, all gears are arranged in order, great adaptability in all agricultural problems.
two. Draft /place handle hydraulic regulating method: Group I hitch: Double velocity PTO output…
3. Shut paddy entrance push axle, high procedure performance and appropriate for paddy operation.
four. Alternatives: Air brake. It can full all farm work and transport work.
5. Bolstered PTO shaft, hello-reliability.
six. Can set up CZPT engines like ZheJiang Yuchai, YTO brand names and ZheJiang lijia, effective and trustworthy.


Technical Info Sheet (304)
Engine Model LD
Rated energy(kw/hp) 22/thirty
Type three-Cylinder, Vertical, H2o Cooled, 4-Stroke Cycle, Immediate injection combustion chamber
Rated speed 2350
Bore (mm) ninety five
Proportions of
Overall Dimensions L×W×H(mm) 3200 ×1500×1880
Wheel base(mm) 1670
Tread(mm) Front wheel 1065
Rear wheel 1200
Min. Floor Clearance (mm) 380
Constructional excess weight (Kg) 1330
Speed(km/h) Ahead 1.71 ~ 26.13
Reverse two.26 ~ 10.43
Transmission Clutch Single stage clutch, solitary disk, dry-sort
Gearbox F8+R2
Central Travel Spiral bevel gear pair
Differential Shut, 2 planetary equipment
Transmission& Steering Steering Sort Hydraulic energy steering
Wheel Tire Front Wheel six.00-sixteen
Rear Wheel nine.50-24
Hydraulic Hitch Type Integrated
Power consider-off Speed of PTO (r/min) 540 or 720
Linkage Category I 3-stage linkage
PTO Spline Size φ35×6 


1. Steamline cover gives excellent physical appearance.
2. 8+2 sliding equipment modify, all gears are aranged in buy, great adaptability in all agricultural situations
3. Daft/position handle hydraulic regulatingsystem Catergory 1 hitch Double pace PTO
4. Shut paddy rice entrance push axle, higher operation effectiveness and suitbale for paddy procedure.
five. CZPT air brake, it can complete all farm work and transport function.
six. Reinforced PTO shaft, hello-trustworthiness.
7. Can set up CZPT domestic engines, like ZheJiang Yuchai, YTO Manufacturers effective and reputable

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