China Hot selling Electrical Self-Propelled Vegetables Transplanter 2 Rows Seedling Transplanting Machine with high quality

Solution Description

Gasoline-driven self-propelled vegetable transplanter Computerized seedling equipment
This machine has many sensible functions this kind of as automatic driving, transplanting, horizontal seedling throwing, and so on.

The motor is outfitted with a gasoline motor to create energy, and the operation of various factors is controlled through a gearbox and clutch. The power generated by the engine is transmitted to the primary shaft by way of the gearbox, and the primary shaft drives the driving wheels by means of a chain travel to travel the machine to travel. The person can change the gearbox place to obtain various driving speeds as essential. The transplanting areas are driven by a chain wheel that operates synchronously with the principal shaft by way of a chain push, and are driven by every travel shaft on the transplanting major board to rotate the double crank linkage mechanism, therefore driving the transplanting duckbill to comprehensive the reciprocating circular motion. The motion is blended with the ahead motion of the device, which can make certain the vertical increase and tumble of the duckbill and realize the vertical transplanting of crops. The opening and closing of the transplanted duckbill is controlled by a pull wire. In the non-transplanting location, the person can alter the clutch according to the needs to decide the equipment is transplanting or not, the procedure is handy.

Altering the adjusting sprocket of the transplanting transmission mechanism with distinct quantities of enamel can alter the planting length of crops and recognize the adjustable plant spacing to meet the planting demands of different crops. The horizontal seedling throwing system is adopted for the seedling placement to make sure that the operators have sufficient time to fall the seedlings, which effectively reduces the price of transplanting seedlings.
The transplanting equipment is especially appropriate for transplanting many types of seedling crops with nutrition pots, this sort of as tobacco, pepper, eggplant, tomato, sugar beet, and many others. in little plot areas this sort of as mountainous areas, hills, and plastic greenhouses.

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China Hot selling Electrical Self-Propelled Vegetables Transplanter 2 Rows Seedling Transplanting Device     with high good quality