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Item Description

PE Film Blowing Machine For Agriculture

1.Device Introduction
Its extruder, cylinder and screw rods are made of quality alloy steel that have been notarized and processed
 in a precision way. Hence it is hard, durable in corrosion resistance. The specially-designed screw is quality in plasticizing, which helps increase the production capacity. It is applied to blowing the plastic films like
low density polygene (LDPE), high density polygene(HDPE) and linear low density polygene (LLDPE). 
It is widely applied to producing the packing bags for foodstuff, clothing, rubbish bag and vest ones. 
two. Machine Rewards
1, We use stronger steel plate for machine body, which make machine more stable
2, Screw and barrel is nitrigened by 72 hours. 38 chromium materials,  it is very hard.  Copied from ZheJiang
three, Hard surface gearbox, the life can be more 5 years.
four, Motor with CE standard, more 10 years life, Siemens Brand.
five, Electric parts is CHINT, best supplier in China.  
six, Easy to operate and one worker can run 3 sets
seven,  Temperautre Controller:  Omron Brand
eight,  Inverter:  DELTA Brand
nine,  Ceramic Heater: Heating quicker and Maintain warm more time
 3. Machine Parameters 

SJ-eighty/FM1500    SJ-one hundred/FM2000   SJ-a hundred and ten/FM2500    SJ-one hundred twenty/FM3000
Agricultural Film Blowing Equipment

Design SJ-80/FM1500 SJ-one hundred/FM2000 SJ-110/FM2500 SJ-120/FM3000
Screw Diameter 80mm 100mm 110mm 120mm
Screw Ratio L/D28:one L/D28:1 L/D28:one L/D28:one
Screw Pace ten-100r/min 10-100r/min ten-100r/min ten-100r/min
Output of One-desk Extrude Machine 86kg/h 140kg/h 180kg/h 220kg/h
Power of Principal Motor 30kw 55kw 75kw 90kw
Caliber of Film Head Φ150-300mm Φ500mm Φ600mm Φ750mm
Rotational Method of Machine Head Constant rotate Constant rotate Steady rotate Steady rotate
Single-sided Thickness of Movie .01-.10mm .01-.10mm .01-.10mm .01-.10mm
Max. Folding Width of Film 1500mm 2000mm 2500mm 3000mm
Total Electricity 56kw 88kw 110kw 145kw
Fat of Device 6000kg 7600kg 9800kg 12000kg
All round Dimensions 7000×2900×5500mm 8000×3500×8000mm    9000×4200×9600mm


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Gearboxes go by numerous distinct names, such as gear drives, velocity reducers, gear reducers, speed reducers, and equipment motors. All conditions are utilized interchangeably when referring to inline equipment reducers. Our stock involves a broad range of gear reducers for higher velocity, higher precision purposes with enter speeds up to 4000 RPM.
The term “gearbox” is utilised to refer to any system that connects a motor to a machine and consists of a collection of gears, also identified as a gear established. It gets the primary input velocity from the motor and modifications it to a diverse output speed employing its gears. Various sorts and mixtures of gears serve specific purposes. The varieties of gears found in gearboxes contain spur gears, bevel gears, helical gears, helical gears and worm gears. The performance efficiency of a gearbox is represented by the gearbox ratio, which is the ratio of the speed of the input resource to the speed of the output resource

China Best Sales Greenhouse Agriculture Plastic Film Extrusion Machine     with Hot selling