China best Cheap Orchard Ditching and Fertilizer Machine 30–80horse Power Tractor Matched Trenching Machine with 300kg Fertilizer Box with Good quality

Merchandise Description

Inexpensive Orchard Ditching and Fertilizer Machine  thirty–80Horse electricity Tractor Matched Trenching Machine  with 300kg Fertilizer Box

The fruit tree fertilizing ditching equipment produced by our manufacturing facility is utilised by four-wheel tractor, and the gearbox is driven by the output shaft behind the tractor, the gearbox drives the gearbox, and the gearbox drives the ditching knife.Primarily utilized for orchard ditching fertilizer, can also be used for CZPT ditching, the ditching machine supporting electrical power for 30-65 horsepower tractor, do not need to have to get electrical power individually, for you to help save fees.It is a new type of ditching gear.The trench width is thirty-40 cm, the trench depth is 25-50 cm, and the trench speed is up to 10001500 meters for each hour.It is a lot more than 40 occasions much more successful than manual ditching.The ditch-shaped ditches are straight, steep, deep and wide, the ditch-fertilizing function of fruit trees is unified.

The machine is mainly used for irrigation of water conservancy, planting and ditching of inexperienced onion and big ginger, ditching and fertilizing ditching in orchards, vegetable greenhouses and ditches in orchards.

1, plastic greenhouses exterior the edge of soil and drainage perform.

2. Ditching and earthing in scallion and ginger fields.

three, orchard (apple, pear, grape, persimmon, Jujube, and so on.) furrow fertilization operations.

four, orchard drainage and irrigation work.

5. Overwintering grape vine burying procedure.

six. Ditching and fertilization in mulberry field.

Model 1k-30F
Oversize      (mm) 1450*1000*1450
Functioning depth  (mm) 80-350
Doing work width    (mm) two hundred-300
Complete weight       kg 260
Matched energy     hp 30-80
Fertilizer box potential  kg 300



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China best Cheap Orchard Ditching and Fertilizer Machine 30--80horse Power Tractor Matched Trenching Machine with 300kg Fertilizer Box     with Good quality