Best Cutter Sand Suction Dredger Sand Dredge Boats for Sale

Best Cutter Sand Suction Dredger Sand Dredge Boats for Sale

one. Dredger is utilised for cleansing river silt,sand manufacturing and mining  project.
two.Suited for hefty responsibility functions in tropical climates and in sheltered waters.
one.Entirely street transportable and dismountable.
2.The vessel is made an designed for operations inshore.
three.The comprehensive dredger consists of 1 main pontoon and 4 aspect pontoons.
4.Aspect pontoons are mounted to the primary pontoon by hefty responsibility steel eyes and
pins at the bottom of the hull with bolt relationship at deck level.
one.Simply assemble and dismanting.
two.Transported by street ,rail or sea,1 male operation.
3.Assembled with superior hydraulic method and water-cooling diesel motor
four.Spare components are obtainable. CZPTly analyzed just before shipping. 
5.The dredgers can be produced according to customers’ request.

Product Description
1. Design
Ourdredgers are designed by senior engineer, who have specialized in shipbuilding and dredging work for many years. It guaranteesthat our dredgers are well-designed and of high-top quality.
two. Good processing & Ex-work testing
Every dredger is built by skilled workers and inspected strictly to assure its high quality. Each finished dredger will be tested in testing center to make sure it works smoothly when delivered to customers.
3. Dredger description 
Sand suction transporter is made up of sand suction transporter and small sand dredger. It can not only dredge sand in the river, but also can load sand to the river shore. 
This dredger can unload sand into river and then the small shore sand suction dredger sucks sand into river shore, or it has a set of pump, so the sand will be discharged to river shore by the pump.
1. Generation Description
Cutter Suction Dredger is self-propelled or non self-propelled, moveable cutter suction dredger. Hull can be dismantled and re-assemble simply with box construction. Outfitted with horizontal shifting gadgets, cutter ladder lifting gadgets, spud gadgets, deck crane and so on. Commonly used in sand-excavating, river dredging, channel maintenance and broaden, desilting, reclamation for channels and land, port building and many others.
two. Advantage
(one) Highling Dredger Dependable and Efficient
The essential element like motor, pump and hydraulic technique are adopted the international brand name.
(two) Services–knowledgeable engineers to guide installing and education nearby personnel
24/seven technical support standby. Free spare component in the very first calendar year ,reduced cost for services.
(three) Tested in pool just before delivery
We do high quality take a look at for each dredger before delivery to guarantee every element operate appropriately.
(4) Dismantled and simple to transport

Item Description

Merchandise Description
 1. Cutter suction dredger introduction 
This is a variety of non-self propelled, hydraulic cutter suction dredger, with dismantle variety of pontoons and can be assembly at the perform area. CZPT on the dredger are as bellows: traversing system, cutter ladder lifting device, trolley device, hydraulic gadget for spuds lifting and down, and deck crane. The doing work process is as adhering to: the cutter head minimize the sand and mud underwater for mixture of slurry, then through the dredging pump, then by pipeline to deliver slurry to the operate spot. 
two. Record for cutter suction dredger

Design Inch Drinking water stream Sound sand capability Dredging depth Distance
HL150 six Inch 550m3/h 110cubic meter/h Max. 6m 600m
HL200 8 Inch 800m3/h 160cubic meter/h Max.8m 800m
HL250A ten Inch 1100 m3/h 220 cubic meter/h Max.10m 1100m
HL250B 10 Inch 1450m3/h 290cubic meter/h Max.10m 1100m
HL300 12 Inch 2500m3/h 500cubic meter/h Max.12m 1200m
HL300A twelve Inch 2500m3/h 625cubic meter/h Max.20m 1700m
HL350 eighteen Inch 3000m3/h 600cubic meter/h Max.15m 1500m
HL450 eighteen Inch 3500m3/h 700cubic meter/h Max.15m 1500m
HL450A 18 Inch 3500m3/h 875cubic meter/h Max.20m 1800m
HL500 twenty Inch 6000m3/h 1200cubic meter/h Max.15m 2000m
HL500A 20 Inch 6000m3/h 1500cubic meter/h Max. 20m 2000m
HL600 24 Inch 8000m3/h 1600cubic meter/h Max.18m 1800m

1. Dredger is employed for cleaning river silt,sand generation and mining  project.
2.Suitable for weighty duty operations in tropical climates and in sheltered waters.
one.Completely road transportable and dismountable.
2.The vessel is constructed an created for functions inshore.
three.The complete dredger consists of a single primary pontoon and four aspect pontoons.
4.Side pontoons are mounted to the primary pontoon by large duty metal eyes and
pins at the bottom of the hull with bolt link at deck degree.

Dredger LOA                              forty one.0m
Hull measurement(L×B×H)                     31.0×9.3×3.2m
Principal pontoon(L×B×H)               eighteen.2×3.7×3.2m
Aspect pontoon (L×B×H)       28.0×2.8×3.2m
Structure       Can be dismantle and re-assemble simply ,box structure, reduced shipping value
Primary motor brand name & power       Weichai-Man /2190kw  
Auxiliary motor brand name& power  Jichai/450kw 
Harbour generator    30GF/Cummins
Dredging pump         Warman CZPT 
Discharge pipe inner  Dia..        600mm
Head                   63m
Max. dredging depth             16m
Water flow                           5500m³/h
Solid sand capacity              1100m³/h
Discharge distance          2000m
Cutter head Dia.            2050mm
Cutter  power            300kw
Draught              one.7m
Displacement            385T
CZPT control system       PLC Siemens
Wire rope pulling force 
(CZPT winch )*Quantity   
160KN  *1
Wire rope pulling force 
(Traversing winch )*Quantity 
100KN  *two
Operation room    Adjustable chair, movable aspect-window, air issue, PLC technique, signal lights and floodlights
Complete weight     370T
Complete power    2640kw
Total gasoline oil consumption    396L/H

3. CZPT specifications for 24inch cutter suction dredger with double dredging pumps

Max. dredging depth 45° 20m
Discharge length 2000m
LOA 46m
Dredger after assembly Size* width* depth 39*10.5*2.75m      
Motor space pontoon Size* width* depth 18.fifteen*three.5*2.75m
Side pontoon Length* width* depth 38*three.5*2.75m
Composition Can be dismantle and assemble at working website
Typical draught 1.7m
Diameter discharge pipe 500mm/20inch
Diameter suction pipe 650mm/26inch

CZPT arrangement the adhering to:  from front to back of dredger
1)    Cutter
two)    Cutter Ladder and Suction pipe
three)    Ladder
four)    Swing winches (two sets)
5)     Ladder winch (one established)
6)     Operating cabin
seven)     CZPT diesel engine generator established
eight)     Deck crane
9)     Dredge pump
10)  Gearbox
11)   Main diesel engine
twelve)  Auxiliary diesel engine
thirteen)  Generator and substantial strain hydraulic pump, crisis hydraulic pump
14)  Spuds and spud hoisting rams ( each and every two sets )

1)     CZPTly assembled and completely tested before shipping and delivery
two)     Simple, rapid assembly and dismantling
3)     Standard layout, enabling early shipping and reduced price
4)    Spare areas available from stock
5)     Free for 1 established of spare areas
six)    Can be delivered to any location where need to have dredging
7)    Responsible for installation and coaching of operators in the dredging area
8)   Transportable by road, rail or sea
9)   Reliable engine functionality , dredging pump capability and hydraulic technique
10) Fresh water motor cooling technique
11)  Efficient gas intake
12)  One-gentleman function dredger by Programmable Logic Controller ( PLC program )
thirteen)  Air conditioning – Vessel Standard products
14)  Wide variety of optional tools available

Best Cutter Sand Suction Dredger Sand Dredge Boats for Sale